Sergey Kosenko
To celebrate the successful launch of AMAZY, a TESLA MODEL 3 raffle will be on the broadcast
Free broadcast with Sergey Kosenko
How to earn on cryptocurrency, even when BITCOIN fell by 75%
July 14 at 19:00 MSK
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What's going on in the cryptocurrency market right now
How you can earn on the project AMAZY
Learn how to make money in the cryptocurrency market
What prospects does the falling market offer for those who have never been in crypto?
Examples of people of their investment amounts and returns
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Learn what you need to do to start investing in crypto-projects and make money and how to not lose money in the current conditions of bear market
See how much you can earn on altcoins with practical examples.
You'll also get the chance to take part in a raffle for AMAZY sneakers and a Tesla Model 3.
And want to understand how to earn with AMAZY or choose promising altcoins
For crypto-enthusiasts who invest in projects from $100 to $1000
And are ready to invest from $5000 in growing projects and earn good % on growth of coins
For investors who are looking for promising projects
But they want to find a promising project, invest from $100 and understand their earning strategy
For beginners who do not yet understand cryptocurrency